Gardening: Just Get Started

When you first start gardening, one of the best things to do is put a seed in the ground and watch it grow.  There is so much that you can learn from this observation.

Gardening for me has been the definition of trial and error.  There is a large portion of nature that we cannot and should not control.  There is a small part of nature that we have the ability to rear in order to gain a positive outcome.  Learning the best way to guide nature towards that positive outcome takes actual experience.

Every experienced farmer or gardener who I have ran into have told the stories of what they have tried.  The word try was the common word that I kept running into, so I took notice.

We can search online, ask someone, read, or watch a video, but we don’t truly know how something works until we do it.  One of the best ways to build experience with gardening is to start small and mobile.

For example, if you want to know about tomatoes, get some seeds and plant them indoors.  Observe what happens if you put water in daily, observe what happens when you only put water in once a month.  What happens if you forget to water it for over a week?  Observe what happens if you move it close to a window, or if you move it by a light.  What if you change which window it is by?

By simply planting the seed, you open up a new concept into your life.  This simple act will bring you the questions that you will need to research further.  Thus, don’t look for the question to ask, let the question find you.  Do what you already think you should do, then the correct question will come to you.

Here is my suggestion for learning about gardening:

  1. Pick a plant to grow and get a pack of organic seeds of this plant.
  2. Start by getting small pots in order to grow single seeds in different pots
  3. Plant the same type of seed in both the inside and outside pots.
  4. Observe how each seed develops.
  5. The questions that come up in your mind are the questions that you should look up and research.


Relate it to life

When it comes down to it, gardening is about learning lessons of patience, resilience, and reward. Gardening takes the ability to slowly watch a living thing develop.  There is always the possibility of failure in every stage of development from the seed to the adult plant.  This becomes a productive way for us to learn how to fail.  We have to learn how to deal with things that do not go according to plan and learn how to plant another seed and try again.  Gardening gives us the experience of failure and reward.  We learn how the smallest adjustment with a new seed can reap great reward.

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