Household Soundtrack: Healthy Vibrations of Music

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is creating spaces that promote peace and productivity.  Your living space should be designed in way that encourages and supports your goals, along with creating calm and reducing stress. One area that is often overlooked in home design is sound. Just as sound is vibration, our bodies are made up of vibrations. Therefore, our goal is to create a sound environment that is in tune with our bodies. No, we don’t all have to go make our homes acoustic studios with sound absorbing tiles everywhere, but there are a few things that can be done to create a sound space that is productive. These are a few things that you can start with.

Music Sound Quality

The quality of your sound when it comes to clarity and purity is something that can add to stress, or serve as a tool for decompression.  Musicians, artist, producers, and sound engineers create music the way that they want you to hear it.  Often times we, as consumers, do not hear the music as it was intended to be heard.  Our systems of sound output will be inaccurate by either putting out too much bass or low sound, not enough bass, too much treble or high sounds, or not enough treble.  Many of our sound systems often are not able to clearly put out the sound that the music creator composed, and in some cases, unable to put out the sound completely.  To best handle this inconsistency, keep your equalizer (Bass, treble, mid) set balanced at zero.

If you have the means, then putting in a build-in sound system with recessed speakers is the best solution to creating quality sound that is not physically intrusive.  If you plan on getting a system like this, take your time and save up for better quality speakers and a professional sound designer.  Make sure to include the ability to control which room, or rooms, that sound can be turned on or off.

If you are not yet able to acquire a system for your whole house, then today’s technology has given us options that are ideal for physical Feng Shui and sound Feng Shui.  These systems are small but yield high-quality sound.  Yamaha, Bose, and Beats are good brands to stick to.

Control Your Sound, Don’t Let Sound Control You

Depending on where you live, outside noises can be too loud, too hectic, or even, in some cases, too quiet.  The best way to counter outside noises is to create your own sound that creates the feeling that you want.

Whether your outside environment is too noisy or too quiet, wind chimes, fountains or aquariums are great tools to counter the external sounds.  Soft flowing water not only helps drown out unwanted noise, but serves purposes of humidifying, purifying, and de-stressing.

Creating a playlist for different times of the day and different tasks that you do will put you in control of your sound.  Music has moods.  No matter how much we may love a song or an album, we have to remain balanced and have variety.  Having playlist for cooking, conversing, sleeping, cleaning, gardening and other home occurrences will ensure sound variety, putting you in control of what you hear.  Two free options for streaming music are Spodify and Pandora. Spodify gives you a little more control over your music. With the paying versions of each you gain more control without commercials. Two other options offered at a monthly fee are Tidal, and Apple Music.

You can also soundproof your space to counter unwanted noise. An area rug or two in hard floor areas can help deaden sound. This not only helps with sounds coming into your house, but also allows you to have a better sound experience from the sounds that you welcome. One of the best things to do with spaces that have a lot of outside noise is to replace and/or increase your weather-stripping. Weather-stripping not only improves the sound quality in your home but gives the added benefit of efficiency; keeping heat in during the winter, and keeping the cool in during the summer.

Stay tuned to the PlantPeace.Life music column, as we will continue to bring you more ideas for healthy soundscapes.

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