12 Beautifully Beneficial Houseplants

You can keep the air in your home purified naturally and beautifully with a nice selection of house plants. All plants are beneficial by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, however, the following list of plants have also been found to remove significant amounts of benzenetrichloroethylene and formaldehyde.  One plant is recommended per 100 square feet of space.


1. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is an easy to maintain, low-light requiring plant with beautiful white flowers.  It can either be a floor or desk plant depending on the variety.  Click here to learn more about the Peace Lily.

2. Snake Plants

The Snake Plant (Sansevierias) is another low-maintenance plant that is good for indoors. It has a modern feel with vibrant green leaves that arch in slight curves toward the sky. Click here to learn more about the Snake Plant.

3. Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is a must-have plant for any home due to its well-known medicinal properties and ease of care. Click here to learn more about how to care for Aloes, a plant that will also care for you.

4. Dracaena Reflexa and Cornstalk Dracaena

The Dracaena Reflexa (Song of India) and Cornstalk Dracaena (Corn Plant) are two other houseplants that are easy to grow.  You can learn more about them here: Song of India, Corn Plant.

5. English Ivy

Often used as a hanging plant indoors, the English Ivy (Hedera Helix) is another plant that is easy to care for.  It has beautifully shaped dark green leaves that can add character to any space. Click here to learn more about the English Ivy.

6. Anthurium andraeanum

This beautiful tropical plant has vibrant red heart-shaped flowers. Click here to learn how to care for the Anthurium andraeanum, also known as Anthurium, Flamingo-lily, Flamingo Flower, Oilcloth-flower, Tail Flower.

If you have pets that chew on plants, consider these non-toxic varieties:

7. Barberton daisy

What can bring more vibrancy to a space than these colorful Barberton Daisies? Click here to learn how to care for them indoors.

8. Lily Turf

The Lily Turf (Liriope spicata) is usually found in landscaping, but can also be a beautiful potted plant indoors. The vibrant purple flowers are really gorgeous for any space. Click here to learn how to care for it here.

9. Bamboo Palm and Butterfly Palm

You can add a tropical feeling to your space with the Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea) or Butterfly Palm (Dypsis lutescens). It’s  another popular houseplant that is easy to keep. Learn more about the Bamboo Palm here and the Butterfly Palm here.

11. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is another common houseplant that is easy to grow and propagate. You can learn how to care for this hanging basket plant here.

Click here to read the full NASA clean-air study.

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