Getting Started

Welcome to PlantPeace.Life — your guide to living and loving a plant-based life!

We are here to help you as you take the first steps and beyond. Think of us as your healthy lifestyle trainers. We’ve been there and have decades of experience to share.

When individuals approach us and ask how to get started, our first response is to ask the person: Why have you decided to pursue this goal?

We believe the answer will not only guide you along the path ahead, but also factor in your success.  A strong sense of purpose will be glue to the decision if, and when, the going gets tough, and will become your compass in the realization of all your goals.

So, why are you here?

If you are looking to honor your body with energizing and healing foods, wanting to commit to physical and mental fitness and learn more about achieving overall wellness in your environment you’ve come to the right place.


Check out our FAQ section and our guides and resources for establishing and maintaining a good foundation.