Pantry Essentials

Credit: Jonathan Pielmayer
Credit: Jonathan Pielmayer

Part of making a plant-based diet efficient is having certain ingredients on-hand.  Having a running stock of these items will keep you from making unplanned trips to the grocery store, allow you to make nutritious meals quickly, and give you the majority of what you need when you just want to experiment.  Following a plant-based diet sometimes calls for frequent trips to the market in order to get fresh produce, but for those pantry items that have longer shelf lives, keep them stocked and appropriately stored.


Organic Unbleached Flour

Organic corn meal

Raw Cane Sugar


Chia seeds



Dry Beans/Lentils/Peas







Coconut milk


Coconut flakes

Raw cocoa




Canned Diced Tomatoes

Canned chickpeas, black beans, red beans

Pasta sauce


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil (unrefined and refined)




Vinegar: Apple cider and regular


Baking soda

Baking powder


Pure Vanilla extract


Maple syrup