Top 10 Vegan Myths

Let’s take a moment to blow up some popular, but mythical thoughts about individuals on a completely plant-based diet.

1. Vegans are skinny

Many people assume that all vegetarians and vegans are going to be skinny.  However, the amount of weight one gains, loses or maintains depends on the quality and substance of foods regularly eaten. A vegetarian and vegan diet can consist entirely of junk and processed foods. As such, a vegan choosing these type of items will end up being unhealthy, and very likely overweight or obese.

2.  Vegans are happy to just eat a salad

We can’t count how many times we’ve been offered some iceberg lettuce with a couple of onions and a tomato on top as a complete meal. We are truly grateful that you’ve thought of something for us to eat. However, in full truth, we LOVE food in all varieties, look forward to good meals, and are foodies to the bone. So next time please impress us with a bit of creativity.

3. Vegans are weak

Tell that to vegan ultra-athletes like Scott Jurek and Chad Weller or Brendan Brazier.

4. Vegans don’t get enough protein

Contrary to popular belief, a plant-based diet offers a plethora of quality protein options.

5. Vegans love tofu

So what do you eat, Tofu?” –One of the main questions vegans often get.  Thankfully, there are plenty of plant-based meal options that expand far beyond tofu. Tofu is often genetically modified and many individuals are allergic to soy products. Here are some soy-free vegan resources if you’d like to avoid it too:, Soy-Free, Nut-Free Meal Plan Sample, Soy-free recipes.

6. Vegans can’t enjoy cheese, milk or ice cream

There is life beyond dairy-based milk, cheese and ice cream. God bless America. We’ve been excited to find nut-based cheeses, packaged alternatives and yummy dairy-free ice creams. Check out these other dairy-free options that can help you transition.

7. Vegans live life sans bread

Yes, let’s celebrate, it is possible to have bread and other baked goods that is made without dairy products.  You can make your own or choose store-bought vegan bread options.

8. Vegan food lacks options

We may be biased, but vegan chefs and cooks often seem to be the most creative bunch, Check out this gallery.

9. There are no breakfast options

How about breakfast tacos with mushrooms, beans or lentil crumbles, pancakes, biscuits, roasted potatoes, smoothies — I can go on…

10. Vegans can’t be a body builder

Seeing is believing, take a peek here: 12 Vegan Bodybuilders And Their Favorite Meal

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