Veggie-Friendly Restaurants In Houston

There are many cafes, health-focused and ethnic restaurants that serve meat, but also offer some vegan options. These places can be handy when you’re dining with company who desires something besides plant-based foods.

So here’s our list of vegan-and-vegetarian friendly places to eat in Houston. We will update this list as we discover new spots.   *Listings with a star next to the name are places we’ve visited and recommend. We will also be adding detailed reviews of what’s good to try at each place so stay tuned.

American Food

*Cafe Brasil — A cozy cafe, be sure to specify preference for dairy-free alternatives. They’ve gotten orders wrong before. We like the Brasil Club on ciabatta with no cheese.

*Local Foods — Multiple locations in Houston offering varying seasonal and creative vegan menu options, but we prefer the Upper Kirby spot. Best vegan gumbo in Houston.

Harvest Organic Grill — Located near Houston’s Galleria, this restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options as well as raw vegan cakes.

*Mellow Mushroom — Get your pizza fix here. Ask for no butter on the crust, hold the cheese or choose Daiya’s vegan cheese. Also offers vegan hoagies, calzones, salads and hummus. There are two locations in Houston and multiple locations across the U.S.

Pure Healthy Eatery — Offers soups, salads, wraps,  juices, vegetarian options and limited vegan items. Try the lentil soup and fresh green apple juice. There are two locations in The Woodlands area.

Ruggle’s Green — This restaurant has multiple locations across the Greater Houston area. Menu items are marked as vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free.  There are not a whole lot of items marked both vegetarian and dairy free. You will need to do some ingredient sleuthing with the staff to determine which items can be made vegan by removing garnishments like cheese or butter.

True Food Kitchen — Menu items that are vegan are marked with a V and vegetarian items are marked with VEG.  The menu is creative with items like a vegan butternut squash pizza and kale guacamole. This restaurant has one Houston location and multiple locations across the U.S.

Ethiopian Food

*Blue Nile — We love dining on the veggie combo platter at this family-friendly and welcoming restaurant. It’s a sampler platter of  well-seasoned, soul satisfying lentils, collard greens and other veggies on top of injera bread.

Mexican Food

*Hugos — There’s a vegetarian menu with items like tacos, lentil and potato cakes that can be made vegan at this Montrose-area upscale restaurant.

Indian Food

Pondicheri — This uptown Kirby restaurant, which also has a location in NY, has meat-less Mondays. Its regular daily menu also notates vegan items and items that can be made vegan on request. You can also find some vegan items on their breakfast menu.

Mediterranean Food

Aladdin — You can find a lot of vegan options here at Montrose-area restaurant.  There are a variety of salads, hot vegetable dishes and dips available along with some warm pita bread.

Fadis — This restaurant has multiple locations in Houston and Dallas. It is a cafeteria-style place with lots of vegetable items labeled vegetarian and/or dairy free.

Niko Niko’s — Serves fast casual Greek and American food like falafel sandwiches with french fries, veggie and breakfast pitas. Menu items are noted as vegetarian, you will need to inquire to find out which can be made vegan.

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